After all these years we are finally here, we can finally enjoy our time playing the second version of the game. Those of us who admire survival games, those of us who enjoy shooting games, games that feature battle royale kind of gameplay this is a real present and I am sure all of us appreciate it.

So we already know what kind of game is this right? There are a lot of different players in the game and there is an exit point(get to the chopper kind of exit point), your main objective is to defeat all of your opponents and get to the finish line first. Only one player can survive this crazy race, the one that reaches chopper first, everyone else will lose. So from this perspective, the game look really hard, I mean there are so many players, and only one of them is allowed to win. Despite the challenging and the hard objective game is really enjoyable and fun, there are various maps in it, various weapons, power-ups, etc.

The second version has some new awesome features that weren’t available in the previous version, we will cover these new updates step by step, so let’s begin, shall we?

First of all, a feature that can be found in the main menu of the game – customization, it was a pleasant surprise for me to see this new feature. It allows you to change parameters of the upcoming match, it allows you to select the map (random option is also included which is awesome, in fact, the random feature is present in all settings which we will cover further in the article).

Apart from the map, you can also select weapons, the game offers you a huge arsenal, you can pick yourself a weapon of survival.

Condition, low gravity, rain, strong wind, etc. You can even change the weather in the game, ain’t it awesome?

Falling – pretty weird setting actually, but you can change it as well if you want to.

And the last one is an ability, this is one of my favorites, here you can select different abilities for your character: athlete, normal, random, etc.

Settings wheel:
It can be found in the main menu of the game, the wheel setting button is located in the top middle part of the game window. Here you can change the following options: difficulty, play up to amount of points, music level, and game sound level.

In the game, you can select two different modes, a single-player mode which means that you will play against AI players alone, and a two-player mode, which allows you to enjoy the game in multiplayer mode with your friends. Both modes have their own pros and cons. I would suggest you to try both of them in order to find a suitable game mode for you.

After selecting your mode you will have an opportunity to change the outlook of your character, I usually skip this step, I don’t really care about the outlook of my character that much, but if you have a different taste you can change the following things:

– main outlook of your character as well as the name
– size
– status (epic, legendary, etc.)

Keep in mind that some characters require unlocking, otherwise standard characters include: Andrew, Bill, Clara and Debra.

As you can see there are a lot of different additions to this game, so far so good I have an only a positive experience with Rooftop Snipers 2. The game looks smooth, runs well, has a lot of weapons, maps, features and is challenging and thrilling. What else do you need from a good online game, right?

Mobile version:
Did you know that game comes as an app as well? I mean you can download it on your phone and play it from there. I am more into mobile gaming, I enjoy it at work in order to relax and chill. I will add download links below, the game is free to play!

Video guide for beginners:
I came across with the following video guide a while ago and I really think that it is awesome, this is why I have decided to include it here. I think it is really beginners friendly and can help new players a lot. Take a look at the following video guide, if you will find it helpful don’t forget to like and subscribe 🙂

The second version is epic, I love every single bit of it. I am glad that developers didn’t ruin the Rooftop Snipers series for us. New modes, as well as new weapons and maps, are awesome, the game seems to be more dynamic and filled with action. I want to suggest you to give it a try, I am sure that you will enjoy it and don’t forget to invite your friends as well, the two-player game mode is so enjoyable when you play it with your friends.

Cheers and have fun guys!